Multipurpose sports floor


Multipurpose sports flooring

Rubber flooring is the perfect addition to gymnasiums, hospitals, and workout rooms, to name only a few. With a lifespan of more than 50 years, with professional installation and regular care, it works well in all these high-energy spaces. It's also highly durable and low-maintenance and can serve you well wherever it's installed.


  • Deep clean
  • Repairs
  • Gamelines
  • Logos services
  • Maintenance

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Various rubber flooring formats

There are a few different ways to enjoy rubber flooring in your establishment, with formats that work specifically to your need. One of those is rubber floor rolls to help cover larger spaces with fewer seams and a more economical price range, especially for gym flooring. Average rolls measure four feet by fifty feet, allowing you to cover some rooms with two rolls of flooring.

You might prefer rubber tiles instead, with measurements of 12x12, 18x18, and 36x36 feet, making them easy to cut and trim into any shape or size. In addition, these pieces are less cumbersome than rolls during installation and placement, giving ample opportunities for extensive room layouts. Finally, one of the best things about a tile format is that the sides offer an interlocking system for edging without glue or other adhesives.

Rubber matting could be the best for your space if you need flooring pieces that are mobile and easy to move. Pieces start at 3x6 feet and offer thicknesses of a quarter inch to two inches, with thicker mats used for heavy-impact areas like weight rooms and workout facilities. Placing two or more pieces together is also easy because many products offer the exact interlocking mechanism for a firm fit when connected.

We cater to your rubber flooring needs

New England Sports Floors provides the bests products and services for the best value, and we take each need seriously and personally. For example, we ensure rubber flooring that’s attractive and safe, ensuring the finest quality service in a timely and budget-friendly manner for every client. Our trained professionals help you choose the perfect flooring options from concept to completion, no matter your needs or the size of your project.

You’re invited to get in touch, to speak with our associates, who can explain the entire process and available options. We serve clients in Lowell, Portland, Manchester, Worcester, and Springfield, MA, and we'll be happy to earn your business as well. Find out how our rubber flooring products and expertise cater to your requirements and preferences.