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Professional sports flooring installation services in New England

When you choose new flooring for your gym, athletic facility, or basketball court, you’ll want an accredited MFMA Connor and Aacer professional installer like us that will incorporate a working knowledge of your needs. These spaces require specialized installation and an experienced flooring installation team that can face any issue. Here are some facts about this installation type and why you only want dedicated professional installers for this vital service.

The necessities of professional installation

Regarding athletic flooring, precision, care, and extreme attention to detail are some of the most critical requirements. Miscalculations with subpar installations can cause the flooring to behave in an inappropriate manner. Our professional flooring company in Lowell, MA, knows game days need the flooring to be installed properly. Our installations are safe, cost-effective, and last as long as you need them to before maintenance or replacement is necessary. In addition, we work to ensure flooring that offers a high-performance surface that resists damage and requires very little maintenance. Our typical professional installation takes a few days, but this service results in floors you can use for decades, so it's well worth the time and investment.



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The proof of craftsmanship and results

When our service is complete, professional installation and craftsmanship results prove that it was time well spent. Our goals are the same as yours: resilience, longevity, and superior performance that keeps daily wear to a minimum, even with daily use. Of course, adding the perfect coating and finishes are important too, and we'll discuss all this once you choose the flooring products you want and need.

Learn more about professional flooring installation

New England Sports Floors has a mission to always provide the best products and services for the best value. We understand the specific needs of the gymnasium and athletic flooring professional installation, and we put that knowledge to work for you. If you have questions, we're here to address those, too, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you create the best experience possible.

You can contact our office in Lowell, MA, to speak with our specialists about any flooring needs. We aim to ensure the results you want and need, regardless of size, product type, or placement, and at an affordable rate. So, if your facility is located in Lowell, MA, Portland, ME, Manchester, NH, Worcester, MA, or Springfield,MA, be sure to call our professional flooring experts and let us know how we can help you.