Traditional hardwood flooring options

Traditional hardwood flooring options are an absolute classic in sports facilities, and sometimes, nothing else will do. Hardwood has been the standard of tradition as long as the sport has been played, with almost every NBA franchise using rock maple hardwood for their facilities. Here are some facts about this material line, how it has impacted sports, and how it can continue.

Why choose hardwood for sports floors?

The natural shock absorption that is so important for injury prevention in sports is one of the most valuable benefits of this flooring line. However, athletic wood floors also provide an outstanding elastic response in sports like volleyball and basketball. Hardwood also boasts characteristics like being environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and a renewable flooring choice.

With professional installation and regular care, wood floors resist daily wear naturally and last for decades, even under constant use and daily wear. Of course, the more high-quality the flooring choice, the better the durability and lifespan will be under routine care.

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Classic benefits are hard to beat

Traditional hardwood courts provide a classic visual, especially with the correct lacquer and frequent buffing. Lacquer for these maple hardwood flooring is usually replaced once every 10 years, but other than a regular cleaning, this is the only required maintenance. And a few floor coverings offer unique customization options available with solid wood, including colors, logo designs, and markups.

Creative staining options can work wonders for a traditional, natural beauty you won't find in other products. Some stains are created to let the raw beauty of these materials shine through, while others help make the high contrast necessary in many athletic spaces. Considering the perfect stain color for your wood floors is worth some time.

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